Changelog[]: 24.02.2024

24-02-2024, 13:38

- Added bank sorting (Separate for ordinary and extended).
- Added player kill notification.
- Added incoming healing display.
- Added check for runes when removing buffs and potions.
- Added various database and settings checks during server startup.
- Added check for item values in client scripts.
- Added display of price in Processing Points and Hunting Points including tax.
- Added character selection screen support in CostumUI module.
- Added support for different subtypes of the same weapon type in CostumeUI module.
- Added support for all resources from ResourceItem when processing ore.
- Added Tab Target module settings. (Odin.ini).
- Added guard tower health display.
- Added installed guard tower status.
- Added Screen Shake disable option.
- Added check and notification for repeatable quests over cooldown limit.
- Updated CostumUI module, moved to inventory interface.
- Updated EDF file encryption mechanism and added a separate list of files. (Odin.ini, FileEncryption.ini)
- Updated equipment compare.
- Fixed Megaphone potion effect. (PotionManager.ini)
- Fixed animus attacks in ChipWarLimit module.
- Fixed Grenade Launcher critical error.
- Fixed various bugs.

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