Odin Secure F.A.Q

To avoid any disinformation or repeating same questions over and over, please read this information carefully! Thank you  😊

Q: Is this just server protection?
A: No. This is full server and client secure, there is no server only protection. It is not possible to use just a client or just a server side.

Q: Can I just pay 10$ and use it?
A: No. You need buy a license first, which is secure product itself. 10$ is a license subscription price.

Q: Can I use product if I don't pay monthly fee?
A: No. As an example - your internet provider. You are paying monthly fee to use plan that you previously bought. Same thing here, your license is active as long as you pay monthly fee.

Q: If I don't pay monthly fee for certain period of time, do I need to buy new license?
A: No. You don't need purchase another license. It will be active once you pay monthly fee. Monthly fee activates your license for 30 days.

Q: Will I get any updates?
A: Yes, as long as your license active you can use product. Each license type have own features, they are attached exactly to this license type.

Q: I have bought "License Type 3" and I see new feature added. Will I get it?
A: Yes! There is no private features, if something added to a license type - everyone who use that type will get it.

Q: My AntiVirus software detects virus when using your protection or licensing tool, why?
A: That is normal due to product being packed and secured by Enigma Protector, which encrypts and pack .exe file. AntiViruses may think it's a threat, but in this case - it is not. Best solution - add file or Client/Server folder in your AntiVirus exclude list.

Q: Are there any private modules or can I order one?
A: Not practicing private module policy. You can try order module if you need, for extra charge, but it will be available for all who use that license type which will support it.

Q: I have downloaded secure package. What should I do first?
A: Take your time, grab a cup of tea and read every INI file included, literally every one of them.

Q: What OS versions are supported by client secure?
A: Windows 7 and newer. Windows XP and older systems support removed.

Q: Does secure work on VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server)?
A: No. Server and client secure works only on VPS and Dedicated server. VDS emulation (VMWare and others) is not supported. 
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