Odin Secure Price

Odin Secure project does not have any partners or extra developers in case someone will offer you anything related to Odin Secure! Say no to scam.

Payment Method(License Purchase):
- TransferWise.com (Highly recommended)
- Western Union
- MoneyGram

Payment Method(Subscription):
- Payeer
- Anypay(if you don't see it, use vpn)
- PayPal (if your account support sending)
Subscription Pay

License types available:

Monthly fee subscription for each license: 10$

Basic License: 300$
Free subscription month included: 1

License Type 2: 400$
Free subscription month included: 1

License Type 3: 500$
Free subscription month included: 2

License Type Test: -
For possible customers there is a one week trial test license. This is strongly recommended if you are really interested in Odin Secure product.
Test license player limitation: 10

Please refer to F.A.Q page to get answers to your possible questions about license prices and subscription fee.
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