Odin Secure Module Information

Basic License Module:
BillingAgent - Module that controls player premium status and force logout them upon premium service expiration.
Constant manager - Module that handles various RF Online server side settings like animus max level, loot speed, trunk cost etc.
Remote Offset - Module that handles various RF Online client side settings like map count, levels, prices etc, without need of hexing bin file.
Chat log - Logs characters all chat channels and gm commands.
Loot name replace - Replaces all loot boxes on floor with specific name like Loot, to avoid unfair looting of certain items only.
Loot to different currency exchanger - Exchanges picked loot directly to specific currency type like Dalant, Gold, Killing Point, Cash Point, etc.
Guild Manage setting module - Various settings for guild activity and GvG.
Election system - Player voting and archon registration requirement settings.
Item upgrade chances - Settings for upgrading item with talics.
Boss respawn control - Module that handles pitboss respawn ingame via own schedule system. Specific days and time can be set.
NPC buffer - Creates ability to receive buff from NPC button. Buffer button name applies automatically without editing NDLanguage.
Client zoom distance - Players camera zoom distance setting in R3Engine.ini, as well as Field of View.
Potion module - Ability to add new potion effects like PvP Point, Cash, Premium, Monster spawn, etc.
Boss loot radius and delayed pick up - Loot radius setting and delayed pick up for 15 seconds, free for all.
GM Commands - Every gm command grades control, also comes with new commands for reloading modules, lua content, etc.
Player Formulas for defense, resistance etc - Character elemental resistance and defense settings.
Event Item looting error - Simple module to fix event item looting error in dungeons.
Archon/Chip Holder aura setting - Archon, Chip Breaker aura settings, including some character settings.
Wisdom Talic debuff time effect - Enables proper Wisdom Talic to reduce debuff time.
Item accuracy effect for skill - Enables item accuracy effect to add Skill/Force accuracy instead just melee/range attacks.
Player experience in MAU - Enables MAU experience gain while killing monsters.
Boss Announcement - Announces pit boss death and spawn on every map in game.

License Type 2 Module:
Auto loot - Enables auto loot feature to automatically pick up dropped items. Require special item in your inventory.
Map buff module - Creates ability to receive buff or debuff when entering specific maps.
Top 5 guild bonus - Grants top 5 guilds with various item effect type bonuses.
Dungeon system module - Ability to add dungeon portal places and lock dungeons to be used from specific location only. Extends list of dungeon timers.
New Quest Type module - Ability to add new quest missions like Combine item, kill ANY monster, kill enemy race, deliver chip, etc.
CPT and Temporary Point party share module - Enables CPT and Temporary point sharing among party members with multiplier control.
Interracial Auction House - Enables interracial auction trading among all races.
GM and Premium player name color - Changes GM and Premium players names color. Anyone can see your premium nickname.
Chip War monster killing limit - Ability to disable or limit monster killing on specific maps and levels while Chip War occurs.
Premium player locked NPC store - Enables to set Premium player access only NPC store.
Welcome window when entering game - Creates welcome window with your custom message (news, patch notes) when player entering game.
Quest monster display in game - Creates different monster name color if it is in your quest list.
Tab Target - Enables tab key monster/player targeting.
Box Stack - Enables item stacking when opening a box.

License Type 3 Module:
Interracial Guild War - Enabled interracial guild war among all races.
LUA script engine extender - Extends default LUA engine with various functions like player calling with Chaos mode, editing monster stats, etc.
LUA automatic events - Introduces ability to make automatic LUA events with a schedule.
NPC Voice - Enables NPC to talk with you.
Guild Point - Replace old guild ranking system to new point system. You can gain guild point by doing various tasks like monster kill, quest, item purchase, win guild war, take archon, get chip war chip etc. Module automatically sets Honor Guild and Settlement owner guilds each Monday at 00:10.

License Type 3 UI Module:
Menu Window - Menu button in user interface that hosts new various windows.
Boss Respawn Window - UI addon window for Boss Respawn Control module that visually shows pit boss schedule and their next respawn.
Daily Reward - Daily Reward module with UI window that gives player item every day.
Item Upgrade UI - Upgrade chance display and ability to use several upgrade items while item upgrade.
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