Odin Secure Information

Secure Type:
Server and client synchronized secure designed to work as stand-alone game guard.

Supported language:
- English
- Russian
You can change ini text language to any you need.

Basic License Module:
- Billing Agent
- Constant manager
- Remote Offset
- Chat log
- Loot name replace
- Loot to different currency exchanger
- Guild Manage setting module / GvG for dalant
- Election system settings and fixes
- Item upgrade chances
- Boss respawn control
- NPC buffer
- Client zoom distance
- Potion module
- Boss loot radius and delayed pick up
- GM Commands
- Player Formulas for defense, resistance etc
- Event Item looting error
- Archon/Chip Holder aura setting
- Wisdom Talic debuff time effect
- Item accuracy effect for skill
- Player experience in MAU
- Boss Announcement

License Type 2 Module(Basic included!):
- Auto loot
- Map buff module
- Top 5 guild bonus
- Dungeon system module
- New Quest Type module
- CPT and Temporary Point party share module.
- Interracial Auction House
- GM and Premium player name color
- Chip War monster killing limit
- Premium player locked NPC store
- Welcome window when entering game
- Quest monster display in game

License Type 3 Module (License 2 and Basic included!):
- Interracial Guild War
- LUA script engine extender
- LUA automatic events
- NPC Voice
- Guild Point
- UI Menu Window
- UI Boss Respawn Schedule
- UI Daily Reward

Common Fixes (Included in every license):
- Packet encryption
- Trade dupe fix
- GvG Force Exit, member verification, Trap/Tower check fix
- Character creation name and invisible body fix
- GM Command fix
- Autominer crash fix
- Race Debuff fix
- Ore sell price fix
- Archon/Patriarch macro inject fix
- Archon/Patriarch chat inject fix
- Rename potion fix
- Recall potion guild room restrictions and check fix
- Summon/Teleport potion map level limit check fix
- Consumable potion fix
- Guild Managing verification fix
- Attack/Skill delay fix
- Unit attack delay fix
- Siege attack delay fix
- Trap/Tower cheat spawn fix
- Trap check fix
- Emotions in siege kit/unit fix
- Teleport in battle mode fix
- Set effect item fix
- Speed hack fix
- Wall hack fix
- Fly hack fix
- Character position fix
- Auction House fix
- Premium item fix
- Weapon ammo check fix
- NPC store fix
- Player hiding fix
- Guild Room teleportation check fix
- Ore mining fix
- NPC quest fix
- Inventory check fix
- Bank check fix
- Character deletion hack fix
- Ini files reload from ingame
- Automatic Server Close with announcement
- Double-handed weapon with shield fix
- Jewelry slot hack fix
- Double siege skill fix
- Dungeon event item loot fix
- Hunter Point display fix
- Packet flood fix
- Teleport limit check
- All item grades can have set effect
- Disabled Skill/Force check
- Skill/Force weapon check
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