Changelog[]: 17.09.2022

17-09-2022, 10:04

- Added Portable Storage module.(Odin.ini, PortableStorage.ini)
- Added option to disable GuildPoint logging. (GuildPoint.ini)
- Added Inanna healing effect multiplier. (PlayerFormula.ini)
- Added Favor talic effect processing. (PlayerFormula.ini)
- Updated macro fix that would not remove players macro settings. Removed offset. (RemoteOffset.ini)
- Updated and optimized game UI elements.
- Fixed MAU/Animus items and generator effects in PlayerFormula module.
- Fixed auction-registered item looting in AutoLoot module.
- Fixed Megaphone effect cooldown in Potion System.
- Fixed auction dupe.
- Fixed LootMoney points update.
- Fixed LootMoney and PotionSystem module points update for new quest types.
- Fixed Gold Point item price generation.
- Fixed Honor Guild activation after server restart.

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