Changelog[]: 05.05.2022

7-05-2022, 21:00

- Added Level, Play Time, Contribution Points, Premium Account requirements to receive daily reward.(DailyReward.ini)

- Added ability to stack items when opening box. (Odin.ini)

- Added Megaphone potion effect in PotionSystem module. (PotionSystem.ini)

- Added game currency limit check for potions in PotionSystem module.

- Added GM command to recall all players with race and level selection. (GMCommand.ini)

- Added player vote logging.

- Added weapon adjustment multipliers in PlayerFormula module.(PlayerFormula.ini).

- Fixed and optimized PlayerFormula multipliers activity.

- Fixed NPC store checking algorithm.

- Fixed BossRespawnUI text alignment.

- Disabled boss respawn announcement on moving boss away from spawn point.

- Optimized Tab Target module.

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