Changelog[]: 24.10.2021

24-10-2021, 22:26

- Added ability to set player level and money on creation. (ConstantManager.ini)

- Added new visual window for WelcomeWindow module.

- Added AutoLoot round robin mode ability.

- Added ability to use hotkey panel after disabling TabTarget option.

- Added disabling elemental resist module ability in PlayerFormula module.(PlayerFormula.ini)

- Added attack/defense effects for MAU and Animus that can be used in jades and equipment.(PlayerFormula/EffectInformation.ini)

- Added Inanna healing power dependency from Animus attack jade/equipment effect in PlayerFormula module.

- Optimized PlayerFormula module.

- Optimized MAU/Animus jade effects.

- Extentded WelcomeWindow module symbols to 2048.

- Changed and fixed Chip War HP bar window position.

- Fixed BossRespawnUI module remaining time display.

- Fixed day change in DailyReward module.

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