Changelog[]: 22.04.2020

22-04-2020, 20:30


- Added Interracial Guild War module. (License Type 3)

- Added LUA extended script engine module. Guide will be available soon. (License Type 3)

- Added GM announce and notify chat support for 2 and above grades.

- Added Event Item looting error fix for Dark Hole dungeons. (Odin.ini)

- Added loot to cash point exchange support. (Updated English.ini)

- Added offsets to RemoteOffset module: Running while Alt-Tab, Mining while Alt-Tab, Particle.ini particles limit, ability to remove brackets around item name.

- GuildManage/MinGuildGrade setting now works for battle schedule declare list.

- Fixed packet encryption system errors.

- Fixed GvG zone server crash.

- Fixed loot message while changing equipment.

- Fixed WallHack check function.

- Fixed possible MapBuffer module zone server crash.

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